Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hard to Find Frozen Items all on One Place!

We all have experienced it. You walk into the store searching for something with Elsa, Anna, or Olaf on it, and it is gone. Every store I have been to has been out of stock of Frozen items for a long time! As I was doing some birthday and early Christmas shopping, I decided I would put together something that everyone could enjoy! The best part is, you can buy them all online!

I have a feeling that a lot of these things will be gone for Christmas this year!

3. The Whole Frozen Set (not found in stores)

Favorite Frozen Clothing

1. Sister's Forever T-shirt with Anna and Elsa
2. Frozen Underwear
3. Frozen Elsa and Anna Gray Shirt
4. Frozen Nightgown
5. Frozen Olaf Shirt

Favorite Frozen Dress Ups

1. Dress up Trunk with 2 Dresses
2. Elsa Dress
3. Anna Dress
4. Elsa's Tiara
5. Anna's Tiara
6. Elsa's Shoes
7. Anna's Shoes
8. Elsa's Gloves

Frozen School Supplies

1. Frozen Backpack with Matching Lunch Box
2. Frozen Aluminum Water Bottle
3. Frozen Art Activity Set
4. Gym Drawstring Tote Bag
5. Frozen Pencil Shaped Pencil Case
6. 2 Frozen Zipper Pouches

Frozen Party Supplies

1. Plates, Cups, Napkins Combo
2. Disney Banner
3. Latex Frozen Balloons
4. Frozen Party Favors
5. Frozen Cupcake Rings
6. Birthday Invites

Frozen Books

1. Little Golden Books Frozen
2. A Day in the Sun
3. Look and Find Frozen Book
4. Big Snowman Little Snowman - Step into reading

Frozen Bedroom Ideas

And of Course....These aren't too hard to find! 


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