Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Workout #5 and My Weekly Weightloss

If this is your first time checking out our Weekly Workouts and Weekly Weight loss... WELCOME! Here are the Stats so far:

I am 5 foot 3 inches tall. Age: 27. Female.

Pre-baby weight: 123

11/15/2012: 155 lbs - A week after I came home from the hospital after having a baby

8/19/2013: 133.1 lbs -My first official weigh in

8/26/2013: 132.8 lbs -so even with the wedding week I still lost some weight (phew... I was nervous)

9/2/13: 131.8 - YES!!!! 1 pound!

9/9/13: (TODAY!!) 131.3 - I was hoping for a bigger loss.... but I am thrilled that I still lost some! 

I've lost about 2 pounds in three weeks. I am just fine with that!!! I figure if I lose it slow and steady I will be able to keep it off! 

Now for our Workouts

We have had the stomach flu all week.... so this week we are slowly going to ease back into things. We can now at least lift our heads off of our pillows. :)


Monday: REST

Tuesday: Rip: 60 - Class at the gym. (This class is an intense 45 minute workout- We will see how it goes)

Wednesday: Run 2 Miles/(10 minute miles)

Thursday: Rip:60 Class at the gym (again... 45 minute intense workout)

Friday: Run 4 miles (10 minute mile pace)

Saturday: Run 7 Miles(9.5 minute miles) Then 2 arm workouts - I'm going to do the second and third workout HERE)

Sunday: Rest


Monday: REST

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: Run a slow 2 miles on the treadmill

Thursday: Run 3 miles then 10 minutes of arms

Friday: Insanity workout DVD

Saturday: Run 4 miles (9 minute mile pace)

Sunday: Rest

Don't Forget! If you write down your workout and set a goal to do it.... your chances of actually doing it go up drastically! 

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