Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Workout #4 and Weekly Weight Loss

My most favorite treat is cake (white cake, raspberry filling, with thick butter cream frosting). I usually only buy this on my birthday. I think it is okay to splurge every once and a while. Well... after my sister's wedding there was so much cake left they didn't know what to do with it. So I took some. Bad choice, I know. But I'll tell you what- It was worth every extra mile I had to run to burn it off - it was that good!

Here is my weigh-in!

I am 5 foot 3 inches tall. Age: 27. Female.

Pre-baby weight: 123

11/15/2012: 155 lbs - A week after I came home from the hospital after having a baby

8/19/2013: 133.1 lbs -My first official weigh in

8/26/2013:  132.8 lbs -so even with the wedding week I still lost some weight (phew... I was nervous)

Today (9/2/13): 131.8 - YES!!!!

Now for our Workouts for the Week


Monday: Run 4 Miles/(10 minute miles)  Then 10 minutes of Toning: See my workout HERE

Tuesday: Rip: 60 - Class at the gym. (This class is an intense 45 minute workout)

Wednesday: Run 5 Miles/(9 minute miles) Ab workout HERE

Thursday: Rip:60 Class at the gym (again... 45 minute intense workout)

Friday: Insanity Video - Learn more about Insanity HERE

Saturday: Run 7 Miles(9.5 minute miles) Then 2 arm workouts - I'm going to do the first two workouts HERE)

Sunday: Rest


Monday: Run for 3 miles then 10 minutes of abs

Tuesday: Run 2 miles (He has a busy day)

Wednesday: Insanity workout DVD

Thursday: Run 3 miles then 10 minutes of arms

Friday: Insanity workout DVD

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


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