Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Workout Plan #1

If I have a plan and write it down... I am more likely to do it. Here are our workout plans for this week!
I am training for a half marathon right now so I will be running more ever week. My husband doesn't love running but he has just started Insanity and really likes it. (well, he likes it when it is over.) Ha Ha. It is pretty tough!


Monday: Run 5 Miles
Tuesday: Rip: 60 Class at the gym
Wednesday: Run 4 Miles/ 20 minutes of weights
Thursday: Rip:60 Class at the gym
Friday: Insanity Video
Saturday: Run 6 Miles
Sunday: Rest


Monday: Insanity
Tuesday: Run 2 miles/ 20 minutes of weights
Wednesday: Insanity
Thursday: Run 2 miles/ 20 minutes of weights
Friday: Insanity
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

You can also check out the Rip: 60 Home version Here

What is your workout plan for the week?
You can also see our Weekly Workout #2

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