Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Workout #3 and My Weekly Weightloss

It was a blast having my sister get married last week... the only bad thing is that I ate A LOT of FOOD! And I didn't exercise as much as I would have liked. But this week is a new week and my husband and I are ready to get going! Don't forget....Write Down your Exercise Plan! The more organized you are... the more likely you are to do it!


Monday: Run 5 Miles/ Ten minutes on legs (You can find my favorite workout HERE for legs)
Tuesday:     Rip: 60 - Class at the gym
Wednesday: Run 4 Miles/ Plank workout HERE
Thursday:     Rip:60 Class at the gym
Friday: Insanity Video - Learn more about Insanity HERE
Saturday: Run 7 Miles and abs (awesome abs exercise HERE)
Sunday: A Well Deserved Rest! Ha Ha!


Monday: Insanity workout DVD
Tuesday: Run 2 miles/ 20 minutes of weights (arms and chest)
Wednesday: Insanity workout DVD
Thursday: Run 2 miles/ 20 minutes of weights (abs and legs)
Friday: Insanity workout DVD
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

A little bit about ME! I am a Mom of 3 - I had my third 9 months ago. With my first 2 girls I lost the weight in about 7 months. This baby was different. I had a knee injury and I just ate a lot of crap during and after I had her. I am determined to lose the weight the right way - Diet and Exercise. I am going to start tracking my progress here every week. Here we go!

 Here are my stats
I am 5 foot 3 inches tall. Age: 27. Female.

Pre-baby weight: 123

11/15/2012:       155 lbs - The day I came home from the hospital

8/19/2013:        133.1 lbs -My first official weigh in

8/26/2013:         132.8 lbs -so even with the wedding week I still lost some weight (phew... I was nervous)

Check our our list of 50 Healthy After School Snacks.... 
Adults will enjoy them too! 


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