Friday, August 9, 2013

Tips for Eating Healthy When Eating Out

Drinks: In a Large Drink of Coke there is about 310 calories. (That is more than half the calories you should have for your meal). When going out ask for water or a low fat chocolate milk.

Bread: When eating a sandwich or sub, ask for whole wheat bread. It is a lot better for you and will save you calories

Salads: It is OKAY to eat a salad. You can get a big portion of your vegetables in for the day when you do have one. Just be sure to watch out for the dressing. Order a light dressing and not one with tons of fat and calories. Also get your dressing on the side so you have control of how much you put on your salad.

Veggies: When picking a side dish or main dish try getting one with veggies. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

Fried: Stay away from fried items. Order things that are steamed, grilled or broiled

Eat half: Restaurant portions are usually huge! I like to cut all my food items in half and only eat half of everything I ordered. Then I can take it home and eat it for leftovers the next day. 

Stay away from ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurants.... Need I say more. :)

Sauces: When ordering, look for words like creamy sauce, or butter. They are usually made with cream and are full of fat

Dessert: I think it is okay to eat dessert some days. Just not a huge dessert everyday. When ordering dessert, share it with a group of people. Or limit yourself to just 3 bites. -(that one is not easy for me). I usually just skip the dessert at the restaurant and my husband and I eat frozen yogurt at home. 

Going Out to Eat Sparingly: I do love going out to eat but I know it isn't always good for you. If you go out to eat a couple of times a week, this week try going out only once. (or not at all!) We like to go out for special occasions or when I burn the food... because yes.... I do burn food sometimes. 

Hope these tips help! Next time you go out to eat... think Healthy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I sometimes burn food I won't feel so bad for having to go eat out with your health tips for eating out! Stopping by from the Strut Your Stuff Link Party! I am excited to be a new follower! I hope you have a FUN weekend!

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