Wednesday, August 7, 2013

25 Healthy Travel Snacks

We have been driving a lot these days, going to Family Vacations, visiting Grandma, or even just back to school shopping. A year ago I would have packed fruit snacks and candy bars but now we are packing healthy food! Here are some of our favorite snacks!

1. Fresh Fruit: After being cut, fruit can go a few hours without going bad. Our favorites are apples, pears, and peaches. You can also use strawberries, grapes, and other berries. If you put the fruit in plastic containers, they won't get smashed while you travel.

 2. Dried Fruit. We love buying dried fruit for the road such as apple slices, mangos and banana slices. You can also buy mixture packs that taste amazing!

 3. Snap Peas. These are not only delicious, but my kids will eat them too!

 4. Cut up some celery, carrots, red pepper and broccoli. If I cut them up small, and put some of everything in each individual bag, then my kids will gobble them up

 5. Nuts. Some of my favorites are pistachios, almonds and walnuts. (Be sure to check portion sizes... you wouldn't want to eat the whole bag)

 6. Beef Jerky - They now make 100 calorie packs with Beef Jerky and I know how much I can eat! I also like Turkey Jerky.

 7. Homemade Granola Bars: You can find one of my favorite recipes HERE 

 8. Whole Wheat Turkey Sandwiches. Sometimes I get sick of just snacks in the car. We like to make small whole wheat turkey sandwiches to fill us up.

 9. Fiber Cereal (My favorite is Craklin Oat Bran)

 10. 100 Calorie Popcorn. I like to pop this the morning before we leave and fill an individual bag for each person.

 11. Fiber One Bars. They are chuck full of fiber and will fill you up. If I get the ones with chocolate on the bottom my kids will eat them also!

 12. Craisins or Raisins. Make sure you measure a serving... I could eat all of both packages if I had them by me.

 13. Apple Sauce. They make apple sauce in individual packets that come with a screw on lid. They taste delicious and they are perfect for the car!

 14. Rice Cakes with a 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter. I like to make them into small sandwiches. 

15. Fruit Leather (This is one of my favorite foods!)

 16. Pretzels. I like to put mine in little baggies for each person

 17. Crackers. My favorite is the Whole Wheat, less fat Wheat Thins. Again watch serving sizes. I always put mine in small plastic bags.

18.  I like to bring a drink when I travel. My favorite is LowFat Chocolate Milk. I also bring a small cooler to keep it cold if I don't drink it right away.

19. Cheese Sticks.  This would have to be one the first snacks you eat because it needs to be chilled, unless you bring a small cooler. :)

20. 1/2 a Bagel. Make sure it is a whole wheat bagel. I usually like to add a Tablespoon of less fat cream cheese.

21. Hummus. My new love is Hummus. The brand Sabre now makes Snack Size Hummus with pretzels. It is delicious!

22. No Bake Energy Bites. You can find my favorite recipe for these HERE

23. Bananas. I love bringing bananas when I travel. Just be sure they are in an area that won't get smashed

24. Homemade Trail Mix. When you make your own trail mix, there are less preservatives, and you can make it as Healthy as you want! (I do like to add a few chocolate chips in mine)

 25. Water Water Water Water Water! If you drink lots of water while you travel you won't eat as much! It is easy to get dehydrated while traveling so make sure you pack a lot! - If you are flying don't forget the empty water bottle. After you pass security you can fill it up in a drinking fountain.

It might take a little more time to prepare... but I promise you will feel much better on your trip!

Hooray for Healthy Eating! 
- Kristen

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